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Newsflash: Everyone Shops Online These Days! – NASDAQ.com

When the solution is understood, built and solved at scale, this secret sauce enables marketplaces to grow exponentially. For Odesk/E-Lance it was the ability for businesses to source labor without geographic boundaries to take advantage of wage arbitrage from high cost areas to lower cost pools of labor. For InstaCart, it is combining two previously separate tasks into one seamless transaction for the customer, namely online purchasing and delivery from local grocery stores. To do this they need to combine e-commerce purchasing from independent grocery stores not used to delivering take out orders (the way restaurants are) with very local freelancer labor willing to pick up and deliver the goods at a moments notice. Delight The Customer For a service marketplace to gain customer traction and not just serve customers but delight them so they tell their friends, the marketplace must deliver on their secret sauce dramatically and consistently. To do this the product experience must be precisely thought out and flawlessly executed. This includes the front end user experience delivered through an app or website, pricing, customer service interaction, rating systems, and most importantly the back end service delivery with access to the best and deepest selection of service providers who are able to consistently execute their services. All the aspects must work in harmony to create an overall brand experience for the customer and this is what makes people change their behavior and adopt new ways of purchasing services.

Going to physical stores is a dying business, and the new retail sales and GDP component need to be adjusted to better reflect this changing dynamic in consumer behavior. We shop at Amazon (AMZN), Overstock (OSTK) and wholesale nutrition stores on the internet, we only go to physical stores for must-have’s and emergency shopping. Entertainment does better because we still dine out at restaurants, go out to movies and theater on occassions, but frankly sports are better viewed on a big screen at home! Amazon & Overstock Economy The Data Analytics in this country from an economic standpoint are outmoded and need to be revised drastically, there are a bunch of bad investment decisions made by Wall Street based upon old correlations in the economy as a result that are no longer valid, and the data reports haven`t modernized to capture the changing consumer trends in this country. As we immediately go to Amazon and see the best price on an item offered by a multitude of suppliers, and it takes 5 minutes talk about productivity gains and maximizing time efficiency, it is off the charts these days! Bond Idiots Need to be Saved form Themselves At any rate, all those people piling into bonds on bad retail sales numbers based upon antiquated retail correlations in the data analytics in an economy that has created more jobs since 1997 on an annual basis, and has more job opening than at any time since 2001, are in for one big surprise when they finally get their head wrapped around the new consumer world, and realize what is really going on in the data it really should be common sense. No Wonder Wall Street continually gets it wrong!

Columbus Man Accused Of Raping Women He Met Online | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

And now, I feel horrible about everything I’ve done. I think I’m spent on being the punisher.” That guilt may have continued after his arrest – detectives said Smith admitted to assaulting several women over the last two years. They said he even provided them a list of six women he allegedly assaulted. It seems out of character for him to go out of his way to hurt somebody who has done nothing to him, Dunn said. Detectives said they believe Smith used his real name and address when conversing with women he met on the Internet. They said there could be more victims out there.

Can PayPal make shopping with a smartphone easier? – Yahoo News

View photo A German minister throws her weight behind the authors battling US online retail giant Amazon over its alleged strong-arm negotiating tactics with publishers (AFP Photo/Emmanuel Dunand) Berlin (AFP) – A German minister on Wednesday threw her weight behind the authors battling US online retail giant Amazon over its alleged strong-arm negotiating tactics with publishers. “Market power and domination over central distribution channels should not endanger our cultural diversity,” said state minister for culture and media Monika Gruetters. Her statement “welcomes and supports” a campaign by authors, some of whom have been caught in the cross-fire as Amazon re-negotiates its deals with publishers. German-language authors have accused Amazon of delaying the release of books and boycotting authors signed to publishing houses in dispute with the US company. “If titles are removed from recommendation lists and deliveries are delayed to enforce discount demands from publishers, this is totally unacceptable,” Gruetters said, stressing that books are both “economic goods” and “cultural property”. More than 1,000 German-language writers have signed a petition protesting against Amazon’s methods in its e-book price battle with Scandinavian publishing house Bonnier, a major player in German publishing.

German culture minister backs authors against Amazon – Yahoo News

3 hours ago View photo tablet shopping, mobile, credit card, payment, online, browsing, touch screen The online payments giant has developed a new feature that companies and developers can integrate into their smartphone and tablet apps so that consumers can make purchases with a single on-screen tap. The number of shoppers that browse via a smartphone or tablet is growing. However very few consumers follow up that online more… window shopping by actually making a purchase via their mobile device, preferring instead to turn to their desktops. But that’s not surprising when one considers how difficult it is to complete a host of information fields with everything from name, age and address to credit card details via a screen that measures between 3.5- and 5.5-inches for a smartphone or 7-9-inches for a tablet. PayPal wants to change that with One Touch . Developed with Braintree, a payments company it acquired in 2012, the idea is simple.


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