Mini Honeymoon – Huge Fun! Singapore Here We Come! –

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China town- for me its always interesting to check out the local China town, since there are a lot of Chinese people in Singapore it makes sense to have it there. I have to say that the street food there looks much nicer than in China (also super clean!) 7. The big big gardens – next to the hotel there are amazing gardens, which from the top looks like the place where they shoot the Avatar movie. Unfortunately we didnt have time to go but it looks amazing to walk around this area 8. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel- First of course there is the swimming pool that I already mentioned. During the evening I would recommend to experience the Casino, its really cool and huge!

Nway | Numerous Way Of Shooting

All our photographs are ideal for decoration (house, business offices, expositions, …). Nway sells also hight quality digital version of each photos! “Amazing photos! It looks really good in my living room! Shipping is OK.” “Thank you for your good job! Very good quality!” “The shipping took 3 days but it worth the wait.

Honeymoon in Hostels –

Youll find out by following us on Facebook , Twitter , and of course our own site. Of course, well try to sleep in as many hostels as possible! We really like the idea of a honeymoon in hostels! Living, expressing yourself, learning and mingling with travelers from all over the world is priceless. It is indeed true that traveling broadens your mind: we realize it every time! If you are thinking about the same thing, just think about the difference between: – a holiday in a 5-star hotel, with waiters speaking your own language, serving you own national food, telling you not to leave the hotel because it might be dangerous – a hostel trip, meeting interesting and like-minded people, discovering the local spots where they can’t even speak English, eating delicious food with broad-minded people and feeling sad for those eating tasteless pasta in a resort wearing their ID bracelet.

Welcome to Florida State Parks

Be sure to take a camera when you visit a state park or trail. Your photo of natural beauty or fun times with family and friends could be a winner in the 2014 Florida State Parks and State Trails Photo Contest . Monthly and annual winners will get free park passes, and the photos could appear in park promotions. Before You Go Make a Reservation Bring your family and friends for an overnight adventure at one of Florida’s state parks with cabins and camping. Cabins vary from rustic to modern. Most campgrounds accommodate tents, trailers and RVs.


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