Munich Honey-moon Honeymoon-in-munich

All our photographs are ideal for decoration (house, business offices, expositions, …). Nway sells also hight quality digital version of each photos! “Amazing photos! It looks really good in my living room! Shipping is OK.” “Thank you for your good job! Very good quality!” “The shipping took 3 days but it worth the wait.

Mini Honeymoon – Huge Fun! Singapore Here We Come! –

And on the last evening we went to a Broadway show- Sounds of Music and it was just perfect! The people in Singapore are so nice, every taxi driver that we had was super intelligent and was happy to tell us the history of Singapore and the great places we should go. The food is amazing, the streets are clean and very organized, easy to get along, the public transportation is super friendly to use and efficient. The warning signs on the subway There are so many things to do, to see and to be at, the architecture is special and unique, the weather is great (its hot outside but the indoor places are very well chilled by AC) and I think its just a perfect place to visit and even to live in, well its also very small so maybe just for a year or so.. Singapore, you treat me so well, I would definitely come back to you again! For more restaurants recommendation: Amarone – Italian restaurant, we had great simple spaghetti and a stake, a few glasses of really good house red wine!

Nway | Numerous Way Of Shooting

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Honeymoon in Hostels –

When in Africa, under that infinite sky I feel a differnet breath. The last days to this land were to Uganda and Rwanda, with the giant gorilla in a breathtaking green environment, Tanzania and Kenya, where the savannah with its inhabitants just looked like a Disney animated film Ghana, Togo and Benin: a melting pot of people, faces, children and unforgettable stories. During a trip to Turkey, after a trekking on a small island not far from Istanbul Mark asked me to tie the knot from there, we started to fantasize about our wedding, of course we wanted it to be a traveling wedding! The funniest thing, of course, is planning our honeymoon. Lets say it will not be in the usual 5-star resort at all! Well leave with our faithful backpacks for the Far East: well start from Seoul, then who knows? Youll find out by following us on Facebook , Twitter , and of course our own site. Of course, well try to sleep in as many hostels as possible!


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